What is the difference between Caffe Latte, Cappaccino and Flat White?

Caffe Latte Cappuccino Flat White

Diffrence between Caffe Latte, Cappachino and Flat White

Both the Caffe Latte and Cappuccino drinks have been around since 17th Centary and originated in Italy, they have been many variations and evolution of the prepation and presentation of these 2 coffees.

Lets look at the diffence in these 2 populate coffees.


Caffe Latte

Caffe Latte

The name Caffe Latte has many variations Caffe e latte - Italian, Cafe au lait - French, these days most people just refer to it as a Latte.

Latte is traditionaly served in a Duralex glass (the ones you can drop and they dont break) but at home the double wall coffee cup is excellent.

Caffe Latte is one of the most popular coffee drinks around the world. Stroll into any coffee shop and you will discover a latte on the menu. Caffe Latte is equal parts espresso and steamed milk. There are many varieties of Lattes including Soy latte, Almond milk latte or Chai latte, Macchiato latte or mochaccino which contains chocolate.





Cappuccino is traditionally made with 1/3 espresso, 1/3 milk and 1/3 foam. Steam milk first, pull your shots, allow time for the milk to separate creating a "set, dry foam" Dry or Wet Cappuccinos - Refers to the milk to foam ratio. More milk is wet. Dry, less. This type of coffee beverage may be topped with spices (e.g., some ground cinnamon, ground chocolate, or sweetened cocoa powder) for a bite of extra flavor.

Cappaccino are served in a cup about 180 mls although you do get many who serve a large volume in a mug.

In Italy and throughout continental Europe, cappuccino is traditionally consumed in the morning, usually as part of breakfast, often with some kind of pastry.

In more recent time latte art has been a popular thing, where milk is gently poured in and finished with a pattern in the surface crèma.

What about a Flat White?

Flat White

Flat White is steamed milk over a shot or two of espresso. The drink originated in Australia in the early 1980s as an alternative to the frothier cappuccino. In the years since, it has popped up on menus in the US, UK, and elsewhere. It is fairly similar to the traditional cappuccino or the caffe latte although smaller in volume, therefore having a higher proportion of coffee to milk, and milk that is more smooth in consistency – permitting the espresso to command the flavour, while being supported by the milk.

Cappuccino is a smaller, stronger drink.  In Australia, for the most part the latte is served in a 200 ml glass. A 180 ml ceramic cup is utilized for a flat white, so it's somewhat less weaken. Historically, the latte would have marginally more froth (about 1 cm) than the flat white (about 0.5 cm).

A flat white is generally served in a ceramic cup with saucer.  You will also see Flat Whites with latte art.

Enjoy your coffee

If your out and about and buying a coffee, take the time to enjoy it, have a break and sit down.  However if your on the move please dont add to the waste, use a KeepCup or Travel Mug.

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