Reusable Shopping Bags

Australian were using up to 5 billion plastic bags per year, before ban the bag was introduced in 2018 nationally.  

Landfills and oceans are congested with mounting piles of plastic, which contains crude oil and wreaks havoc on the environment for centuries. 

Australians are the second highest producers of waste, per person, behind the United States, Clean Up Australia reports.  The amount of waste placed in landfill each year in Australia is enough to cover the entire state of Victoria.

The Barista House has a great range of Reusable Shopping Bags.  

Shopping does not need to be a struggle with our range resuable shopping bags.


Shopping bag with Insulated bag


Ideal for the quick shop when you have refrigerated items.



Reuseable Shopping bag




Highly durable, should always be stored in the boot of your car, ready to be used.



Set of 4 Reusable Shopping Bags


Make your weekly shopping quicker and easier with the Set of 4 Reusable Shopping Bag System. These bags allows you to pack your grocery shopping directly at checkout as you scan your items.