Set of 4 Reusable Shopping Bags
Set of 4 Reusable Shopping Bags
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Set of 4 Reusable Shopping Bags

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The Set of 4 Reusable Shopping bags will assistance you pack your shopping in a fraction of the time at the checkout.

Shopping does not need to be a struggle with these resuable shopping bags.

Make your weekly shopping quicker and easier with the Set of 4 Reusable Shopping Bag System. These bags allows you to pack your grocery shopping directly at checkout as you scan your items. 

Furthermore, you can place your Set of 4 Reusable Shopping Bags into the trolley once you enter the store and keep them open and upright while you shop. The four colour coded bags fan out and spread over the highest point of any shopping trolley, empowering you to pack the manner in which you need.

Made with a strong and durable material that connect together with Velcro. This framework enables you to pack your shopping for food specifically at the checkout as you filter your things.

You can put the blue bag at the front for the littler, heavier things and lighter, bulkier things in the larger orange bag toward the end.

The Set of 4 Reusable Shopping Bags are great for the weekly family shop.

Once your shopping trip is finished, it rolls up for simply for next time you need to shop.

Bag Sizes

Blue Colour: 43*20*42cm
Red Colour: 46*20*48cm
Green Colour: 49*25*53cm
Orange Colour: 50*29*57cm




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