Coffee Canister

Coffee always tastes best when consumed fresh. However, once the coffee packaging has been opened, you immediately start losing its flavours, aromas, and taste. The solution is simply to invest in a dedicated coffee storage container. Our Coffee Canister is a fully airtight canister that will store your coffee in a way that keeps it fresh and flavourful for an extended period of time. It also is sturdy and made to last, you will never need to replace it. The Barista House Coffee Canister is an absolute must-have for anyone who loves fresh coffee.

Why choose our coffee canister?

Fresh coffee beans release carbon dioxide after roasting. The accumulation of CO2 can fundamentally affect brewing, making it challenging to get enjoyable coffee. To appreciate the maximum flavour of freshly roasted coffee, one needs to conserve the coffee's aroma and allow the discharge of carbon dioxide from the beans. Our coffee canisters are fitted with one one-way CO2 release valve, letting the C02 excape.