More than one billion disposable coffee cups are thrown away by Australians every year.  The Barista House hope we can inspire you to change this behaviour and lead the charge, to ensure the world no longer needs, wants or uses disposable coffee cups.


AFL KeepCups

Australian Football League KeepCups are the best way to support your team allegiance and your appreciation of a great coffee – out on the town or at the game.


Brew KeepCups

The Barista House Brew KeepCup Range

Coffee sensory pleasure on the go.  The Brew KeepCup is crafted from blown tempered glass. A premium drinking experience best suited to the individuals who appreciate a coffee ritual.

KeepCup Brew - Cork Edition 

The Barista House Brew KeepCup - Cork Edition Range


The toughened soda lime glass KeepCup, featuring sustainably sourced natural cork. 

KeepCup LongPlay

The Barista House LongPlay KeepCup Range

Our toughened soda lime glass, protected by a clear plastic booster to increase durability, protect touch, and help keep your drink better for longer.


KeepCup Mini

The Barista House Mini KeepCup Range

The KeepCup sized for power on the go.

KeepCup Original

The Barista House Original KeepCup Range

The world’s first barista standard reusable cup, perfect for coffee on the go. Colourful, durable, and lightweight. Designed to replace the disposable cup.

KeepCup Original - Clear Edition

The Barista House Clear Original Edition KeepCup Range

Our distinctive Original design, made from resilient clear plastic, perfect for your favourite hot or cold beverage on the go. Durable, and lightweight with the clarity of glass.

KeepCup Sea Shepard

The Barista House Sea Sheppard KeepCup Range

Be on the front line of ocean conservation.

KeepCup Thermal

The Barista House Thermal KeepCup Range

Designed for lasting drinking pleasure on the go.

 KeepCup Helix

Helix KeepCup

The perfect way to stay hydrated, caffeinated and eco-friendly.