Fathers Day Presents for Coffee Lovers

Fathers Day is a way of saying Thanks Dad, for all the many things they do for us.

Fathers Day this year is Sunday 4th September 2022.

We have a few gift ideas to make Dad feel a little special on his day.

Coffee always tastes best when consumed fresh. However, once the coffee packaging has been opened, you immediately start losing its flavours, aromas, and taste. The solution is simply to invest in a dedicated coffee storage container. Our Coffee Canister is a fully airtight canister that will store your coffee in a way that keeps it fresh and flavourful for an extended period of time. It also is sturdy and made to last, you will never need to replace it. The Barista House Coffee Canister is an absolute must-have for anyone who loves fresh coffee. Available in 5 colours - Red, Blue, White, Black & Stainless Steel.


The Barista House Stainless Steel Milk Frothing Jug makes it so easy and simple to be a barista at home or in the office. You can use it with an espresso machine or handheld frother for steaming your milk and cream to get that perfect cup of espresso, cappuccino, flat white or latte with amazing art on top. Comes with micro cloth & Latte pen.  Available in 4 colours - White, Gunmetal, Red & Stainless Steel.


Who does not to have a laugh with Dad and some funny Coffee Mugs.  Check out our range of Coffee Mugs, there is something there to put a smile on Dads face.



One of the most enjoyable and simple way of making a coffee is with a Coffee Plunger.  We have 3 sizes - 350 mls, 800 mls & 1000 mls.



Double Walled Coffee Cups

These beautiful Borosilicate Glass, Insulated Mugs for Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Tea 350 MLS.  They making you feel indulged with elegance every time you drink your coffee made of high borosilicate glass.  Grab 2 as they are a bargin.




For the Dad who like to be their own Barista out and about. The Nanopresso coming from the legacy of one of the most creative and innovative portable espresso machine, Nanopresso redefines the genre and sets new standards. Incredibly beautiful and elegant, it looks every bit as powerful as it is.




West Loop Autoseal Travel Mug is made for the modern movers, shakers, commuters, travelers – and for the urban explorer in all of us. Whether you’re traveling via car, train, bus or on a bike this mug is the ultimate in convenience. This larger capacity mug is spill-proof, will stay piping hot for hours and it’s easy to use with just one hand.

KeepCup Thermal in double walled, vacuum sealed stainless steel. Press fit lid, lovely to drink from on or off. Keeps your coffee at temperature from first sip to last. Available in 6 colours in the medium 370 mls and Large 424 mls.

Designed for lasting drinking pleasure on the go.


The coffee knock box is one of the simplest coffee accessories you can add to your home barista unit and one of the most useful and convenient accessories you can purchase. These coffee bins are used in the disposal of spent coffee grounds from the portafilter after every shot.


Packit Freezer Lunch BagsPackit Freezer Lunch Bag is the smartest and simplest way to keep food and drinks cool anywhere. It's a foldable, FREEZABLE bag that works just like a refrigerator on the go, continually chilling items for hours.


Geelong AFL Brew KeepCup


Australian Football League KeepCups are the best way to support your team allegiance and your appreciation of a great coffee – out on the town or at the game.

AFL Series of KeepCup come in 2 styles Clear Original (Plastic) S, M & L and Brew (Glass) S & M

All our AFL KeepCups come gracefully packaged and make an incredible present for any football fan.


Picopresso The Wacaco Picopresso is the most compact portable espresso machine. This genius device brews excellent quality brew without compromise, it matches that of top of the line costly machines. Features such as the naked double filter basket, dosing ring, WDT Tool and metal tamp assure you’ll always enjoy delicious creamy espressos, no matter where you are.



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